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Since 1995, untersee Unternehmensberatung GmbH has been demonstrating itself as a highly successful consulting firm with a focused expertise in the fields of industrial machinery and components, production of high-tech components in the electronics industry, as well as in the field of metals processing. As a result of the growing demands in these industries, our SAP® qualified SOMA® solutions and FlexNet® portal solutions were established. Today untersee offers a total of 15 solution packages for SAP® applications from purchase to service.

As a partner of SAP®, untersee works hardly at a junction between customers and SAP® system, and completes the standard software, based on SAP® Business All-in-One. Our location at the lake of Constance positions untersee optimally with dynamic branches in Germany and Switzerland.

Our solutions accelerate the initiation process of SAP® and facilitate the implementation of SAP® in daily operations. Our solutions are established based on the requirements of the users or group of users and essentially on the acceptance given by the users. Work lists can be assorted based on the current data, vitality, visibility, and priority of each role. Processes are visible and disorders or irregularities are noticed beforehand. With these capabilities, the application of the software reaches the expected efficiency.

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