Service portfolio at untersee

Competence for the manufacturing industry

The performance spectrum of untersee covers the entire life cycle of the SAP® application in the manufacturing industry: whether concerning the preparation of projects, the first implementation or the expansion of ERP or the system- and application support in the productive SAP® operation. As a result, all untersee customers get tailored, fast and competent services in all areas of their SAP® business.

The performance fields of our customers in the complex project or order-related production and plant engineering are reflected in the four business segments. Growing product structures are constructed, procured in projects, assembled and later maintained by the service. These analogue tasks in the day-to-day business facilitate the transfer of process design, thought structures and action patterns during the software implementation. Discussion and applied pragmatism in the project team lead to solutions with high operational benefit.

For our IT projects we use //TeamWorx, a project methodology based on a methodological approach to product development.

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SAP® consultancy

Consultancy with expertise from the manufacturing industry

Our industrial expertise arises from projects out of the different industry sectors: mechanical engineering and construction, plant engineering and construction, ship and other components construction. A partner that knows the pitfalls in the initiation and implementation of new IT solutions, our consulting team guides and supports its clients in fields of discrete manufacturing to optimize initiative structure and IT supported processes.

Our consulting team accompanies its clients throughout all phases of project: from planning through implementation, up to the establishment of productive support. Thus, customers get the chance to benefit from the pre-configured industry solutions of SOMA®. These solutions are specialized to comply to the user's needs and for the vital success factor of the enterprise's business value. Existing SAP® System can be broadened to field-tested SOMA® solution packages or can be quickly migrated of the existing database with the use of the untersee complete solution set. Approved implemented methodologies, concepts, and developed processes enable swift and efficient implementation.

    SAP® development

    Enhancement of the SAP® standard and industrial specific add-ons

    Supporting clients by developing projects, untersee relies on a team of consultants for SAP® processes and modules as well as developing and supporting specialists in all phases of a project.

    Motivated by our long experience in the development of products based on SAP® and other portal technologies, we advise you on alternative solutions, and only then create an individual solution, if the specific requirements do not accept the functions or enhancements of existing software solution. Therefore, we at untersee develop sustainable software solutions that are integrated with no modifications in the SAP® products and data structures.

      Process consultancy

      Process consultancy for the discrete manufacturing industry

      Process consulting and the implementation of IT solutions are an essential unit for our company. By focusing on a target related to the manufacturing industry, we at untersee have learnt and broadened our knowledge from, along with and for our clients.  Being a long-term SAP® partner, we possess an extensive, specialized know-how expertise around the SAP®. Our expertise was only under this basis initiated.


      Our process consulting team at untersee supports customers in integrating systems of CAD, PDM and QM as well as time recording systems, warehouse management systems and portal systems. We provide and establish end-to-end solutions, in order to prevent any distortions to the built-up system landscapes. Based on a long-term experience, the consulting team at untersee differentiates between the necessary, possible  and the costly applicable situations. Our ultimate goal is to gain our user's acceptance to our offered IT solutions. For that purpose, we have developed tools that provide our users with the required interfaces in information structures and work lists.

        IT services

        System management for IT infrastructures and applications

        An important task of a company's IT organization is to ensure a smooth flow of business processes and tasks. For this purpose, the stability of a functioning system is as an important factor. Moreover, an IT department should function as a technological source of power for the implementation of new requirements with a higher ease of use. Due to the concurrence of different task fields, target conflicts are however inevitable.

        Relocating and outsourcing of service processes create new scope for actions and introduce some advantages. the load distribution in the IT service and support; for instance, reduces the costs and simultaneously maintains a control over the infrastructure and decision-making processes.

        System24 and the additional service packages of untersee realize optimized potentials with precise supportive actions and well-planned, reasonable prices.

        System24 Outtasking: Constant support for your system

        • Technical system support
        • Process-oriented system support

          System24 service packages: Module oriented projects for your system

          • Sizing:                        Selection from SAP® system landscapes
          • Setup:                         Initialization of an SAP® system landscape
          • Training:                     SAP® system know how transfer
          • Solution Manager:    Monitoring and notifying functions
          • Data Migration:         Temporary and permanent data transfer
          • System Copy:            Homogeneous and heterogeneous system copies
          • Disaster/Recovery:   "Libelle" standby database
          • Tuning:                        Optimization of OLAP/OLTP systems
          • Upgrade:                     Systematic updates
          • Unicode:                     Conversion to the current character sets

          Service quality and duration of service are terms fixed in contracts. Hotline service, monitors and remote system support are embedded in our support systems. untersee bases its processes of tracking notifications and developing solutions on the SAP® Solution Manager.

          untersee cooperates with Libelle AG in fields of disaster / recovery and high availabilty.

          Project method for systematic implementations

          Over years untersee has been applying the effective, standardized TeamWorx project planning method to deal with projects in fields of business process management, process structure, system enhancement and changeover. The application of the industry solutions at untersee supplements this approach through the deployment of SAP® programs and system solutions out of practical experience.  

          This tenderized methodology is based on "PRoject IN Controlled Environment", shortly known as PRINCE.


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