//FlexNet® SUPPLIERPortal Purchasing

For your requirements in the supplier management

The strategic cooperation with suppliers in procurement is the key factor to success. The fast and reliable availability  of sales-related information is of great importance. As well as the rapid handling of order and delivery processes through the Internet.
The FlexNet® SUPPLIER portal solution is geared to the optimisation of the cross-company processes of the supplier management. The Internet platform of untersee provides the option of integrating suppliers directly into the business processes in purchasing. Via the Internet portal, the supplier can be informed directly about relevant innovations. In addition, he has access to the system reviews stored in the SAP® system. Preparations for upcoming orders are facilitated by the clear presentation of MRP data.

With FlexNet® SUPPLIER the quality of deliveries improves, the inquiry and negotiation process accelerates and the solution promotes targeted and interactive communication. Moreover, internal costs can be reduced (e.g. for the collection of order confirmations) by the direct involvement of suppliers in the procurement process. Another effect is the strengthening of the relationship between the company and the suppliers.

    Potentials and benefits

    • Seamless integration of the supplier management into the SAP® ERP system
    • Supplier commitment through current and sustainable process transparency
    • Direct involvement of the supplier in critical demand situations
    • Reduction of the transaction costs as a result of the integration of the supplier in the classic requirements and delivery processing
    • Increase of the service efficiency due to several levels of approval as well as process analyses and evaluations
    • Complete documentation of the processes, of exceptional procedures and their effect on the supplier qualification

      //FlexNet® SERVICE – Customer Service Portal

      For your requirements in service and spare parts distribution

      The FlexNet® SERVICE customer service portal of untersee integrates via Internet platform the machine and plant operators into the ERP business processes in the service and spare parts sales. The service portal is customizable to the visual corporate identity and can be seamlessly integrated into the existing web presence. The portal uses existing BOMs and workflows of service processes through direct access to the SAP® system. Thus, the effort of the creation, the maintenance and adjustment of separate service structures is no longer necessary.
      FlexNet® Service ensures the timeliness of the data and reduces search times of the users and the incidence of errors in ordering spare parts. Hence, an optimal Internet-based service and spare parts distribution is possible even for complex products in the manufacturing industry.

        Potentials and benefits 

        • Integration of the customer into the internal-service process
        • Combination of the Full-Service with the Customer-Self-Service
        • „„One-Click ordering service
        • Navigation through sensitive drawings (via Hot Spots)
        • „„Immediate availability of the complete documentation of the product life cycle of the machine at the customers site
        • „„Customer access to updated structural data after modifications
        • „„24 hour access, 365 days a year
        • „„Password-protected customer areas

          //FlexNet® MOBILE – Portable service solution for external service

          For your requirements in the mobile field service

          FlexNet® MOBILE provides service technicians with all data from your SAP® System for the on-site use. The technician can independently record and synchronize all work carried out up to the completion confirmation of the service order.

          An increase of your return on investment will be achieved, since all relevant data sent to and received from the mobile workstation are managed centrally and directly in the SAP® system.

          Another advantage of the FlexNet® Mobile is that the user interface for the recording in the offline mode does not differ from the online mode. So lends itself without an Internet connection spot the same ease of use
          for research and the feedback from service.

          Exploit the functions presented by our mobile solution in order to provide a mobile workstation with a variety of functions for an improved field service.

            Potentials and benefits 

            • Easy integration into the SAP® ERP Service process with modern online/offline technologies
            • Prompt order coordination between back office and service technicians
            • Short lead times until invoicing due to digital service reports
            • Direct materials and work time reports into the ERP system
            • Location-independent provision of documents
            • Easy connection of field services, service providers, and regional offices
            • Smooth automated client installation (MSI)
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