//SOMA® industry solution

Support for the daily work of the ERP users

The modularly structured and SAP® qualified industry solution SOMA® and the portal solutions FlexNet® have been developed resulting from the growing demands of the mechanical and plant engineering, at the manufacturing of high-tech components in the electronics industry and in the metalworking industry. Based on SAP® ERP/ S/4 HANA, they are used by manufacturing companies in all discrete production types. A combination of of variant-, order-related-, make-to-order-, and project-related production is standard practice.


The strategic goal when using the entire SOMA® solutions portfolio is a fast and sustainable effect on the business. They help our customers in the discrete manufacturing industry to control all activities of the value chain and to master growing product structures. This provides cost transparency and structural integrity at any time.


Today, diverse solution packages for SAP® applications from purchasing up to service are available:

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//SOMA® MOCO – Monitors and Cockpits

For your requirements in the workflow management

Data collectors are responsible for providing current work-lists for the disposal, production, service, sales and purchase as a part of SOMA® MOCO cockpit solutions at untersee. Out of the assorted activities, users can attain an easy, systematic set up throughout transactions allowing a direct balling out of processing supplies from the inventory stocks. After processing, stock inventories are updated and reloaded. The user interface can be easily and systematically customized.

The SOMA® MOCO cockpits create transparency among the employees for their areas of responsibilities and their own needs for action. Through the parameterisable threshold values and sequences of the reports in the logistic cockpits, operation queues can be displayed by priority in the fields of business. Planning- and performance deviations are indicated with quantitative data by a traffic light control tool. The objects in the operation queues found can be supplemented with additional information or by qualified switches into informative or processing transactions.

    Potentials and benefits

    • Setup user-defined workplaces
    • Provide smart work-lists and information
    • Define central access points for critical operational transactions
    • Set sequences for tasks in workplaces
    • Graphically constitute exceptional situations and tolerance values
    • Easily establish customized reports from the data providers
    • Freely design logistical processes with the activities manager

    //SOMA® VEVE – Packaging and Shipping

    For your requirements in the shipping process

    At the dispatch handling of machines and plant components the processing with SAP® standard functionalities gets to their limits. In particular, if the shipping components are not available in the
    positions of the customer order, or if the components shall be packed before the compilation of the shipment, there is no adequate solution in the SAP® standard programs. SOMA® VEVE extends the program functions of SAP® by the multilevel packaging of all parts and components covered by the database of SAP® ERP.

    The shipping inquiry shows the current status of packaging and dispatch of orders. The packing and dispatch information are documented in the records of the customer order. It is possible to add supplements, instruction manuals and related documents to the order. The link-up of SOMA® VEVE with external programs for the handling of exportation is highly convenient, in case both applications are based on SAP® standard objects.

      Potentials and benefits

      • Flexible dispatch handling through free choice in the definition of package units and compilation flow
      • Simultaneous shipping activities already during the production process
      • Issue of export-conformal documents (delivery notes, packing lists)
      • Multiple evaluation on order- and package level
      • Multilevel packaging of the shipping elements
      • Packaging of the components before creating the delivery note

        //SOMA® DATA – Master Data

        For your requirements for the data management

        Master data of impeccable quality secure the smooth operations of the ERP processes. Consequently, with the application package SOMA® DATA untersee provides supplements and functions for the maintenance of master data in the SAP® system. These include practical enhancements in the material master, such as a spare part indicator as a default value for the use in BOMs or a translation function for short texts.

        The relevant information of the material master can be processed in a single input mask. In addition, SOMA® DATA enables spare- and wear parts marking in the article master. Through intelligent data management material masters, bills of material, work plans, purchasing info records or sales conditions can be forwarded to subsidiaries and updated based on rules.

            Potentials and benefits

            • Convenient creation of material master records in a maintenance dialog
            • Determination of default values from the material master and BOM item types
            • Rule-based creation and modification of master data across organisational units
            • Evaluations and test functions for determining the data consistency in the material master
            • Examination of all material masters in neutral and order-specific BOMs with regard to the existence of views and their complete maintenance
            • Weight determination via the BOM structure

                //SOMA® IMWM – Storage

                For your requirements in the warehousing

                Inventory and process transparency are crucial factors for an ideal storage management. SOMA® IMWM of untersee offers programs for systematic and efficient processes for the organisation and management of stockpiles. In addition, the solution package supports you handling all kinds of goods movements.
                The following functionalities are available: The determination of the storage location at decentralized warehouses can be automated and thus a manual maintenance can be avoided. For an optimal scheduling all details of special stocks will be displayed in one mask. Retention of goods receipt items for open demands will be avoided through a missing parts detection matched to the stock. An evaluation allows a comprehensive report on the status of all common reservations within the SAP® system.


                  Potentials and benefits

                  • Removal storage location determination for components in the production order and in the network plan via the workplace
                  • Detailed display of special stocks in one mask
                  • Short lead times for missing parts in the goods receipt
                  • Automated follow-on postings for missing parts
                  • Comprehensive report on the status of open requirements for materials of production orders and/or network plans

                      //SOMA® PROD – Production

                      For your requirements in the production control

                      In order to process the day-to-day business in the production management, untersee offers efficient tools for the processing organisation and the operative implementation. As a result, all necessary information are available to the production employees promptly, and according to the given situation and context.

                      SOMA® PROD
                      supports the planning and management of the production process through flexibly prepared data for timely and cost-effective processing.


                        Potentials and benefits

                        • Avoiding bottlenecks and supply distortion
                        • Better overview of the capacity utilization of employees and machines
                        • In-depth information about the status of individual customer orders and projects
                        • Monitoring of the entire supply chain – also foreign production
                        • Integrated production data acquisition for different order types
                        • Special evaluations of exception messages for production orders

                            //SOMA® APSL – Engineering order and WBS BOM

                            For your requirements in product management, disposition and service

                            The enhancements of SOMA® APSL - Engineering order and WBS BOM at untersee are the basis for the design and MRP in the construction of single-produced components and devices, as well as machinery and equipment. 


                            Consistency in product data management, MRP and service structures is ensured through additional program packages and entry tools to reorganise, delete and copy the project- or order-specific BOMs.



                              Potentials and benefits

                              • Multilevel deletion of order BOMs, ensuring consistent data
                              • Weight determination of order items based on the weight of the complete BOM components of configured or single-manufactured products incl. updating of sales documents
                              • Multilevel copying of order BOMs between different BOM heads in the source and destination
                              • Complete reorganisation of order BOMs, ensuring consistent data

                                  //SOMA® PROJ – Project System

                                  For your requirements in the project planning

                                  The process template SOMA® PROJ for project planning is one of the very first developments of untersee. Especially for the project production in the mechanical and plant engineering, the project structure and the network plan are the central objects for assembly processes and up- and downstream processes of the production, with high integration to all other modules at the same time.

                                  Programs to enhance the standard functionality such as the collective availability check create transparency about the current missing parts situation in projects. Other programs are used to provide additional information: The program early warning system allows the identification of critical operations, additional key figures and deviations in the project and is the starting point for the initiation of measures.


                                    Potentials and benefits

                                    • Consideration of ongoing changes in the availability situation and current sight on missing parts
                                    • Cumulative presentation of distributed information about scheduling conflicts and cost trends
                                    • Generation of assembly times for the work preparation and calculation
                                    • Automatic update of the planned work in network activities
                                    • Targeted provision of working documents in the production or work preparation

                                        //SOMA® FICO – Finance and Controlling

                                        For your requirements in the financial processing

                                        To support your decision-making in financial and economic tasks within the company, we have set functional extensions in the SAP® accounting system.

                                        Additional solution functions are provided with the SOMA® FICO component. As an example, you can make subsequent additions to already created payment proposals or facilitate necessary inventory changes whose origin is a rating class change in the material master. You get a chronological analysis of the material documents, which have led to a change in the V-price, or you can calculate work in process for further evaluation approaches.

                                          Potentials and benefits

                                          • Consistent change of the valuation class
                                          • Clear and comfortable price history for the moving average price of a material
                                          • Time flexibility through subsequent supplementation of already created payment proposals by additional items
                                          • Automated determination of the correct tax codes as per the main service
                                          • Future consideration of the changes to the realized production batch sizes in the calculation
                                          • Valuation adjustments based on requirements of the German Commercial Code (HGB)

                                          //SOMA® DISP – Disposition

                                          For your requirements on efficient requirements planning

                                          The SOMA® DISP component of untersee includes software packages for determining disposition parameters, safety and order backlogs, lot sizes and for evaluating and processing of scheduling messages.


                                          ABC and an XYZ analysis and forecasting is used for the determination of parameters. This is followed by a comparison of the parameters actually set and the determined ones. Thus a plausibility check can be carried out on view before updating the material masters.

                                            Potentials and benefits

                                            • Inventory optimization
                                            • Support in decision making based on current key figures
                                            • Efficient processing of disposition reports
                                            • Avoidance of stock-out situations
                                            • Generation of realistic delivery dates
                                            • Fast and paperless requirement for unplanned demands

                                            //SOMA® PURC – Purchase

                                            For your requirements of the material masters

                                            Purchasing requires a swift and a broad overview of the planning and realities of the current supply chains. Shifts in stocks, in the demand, in the delivery capacity and -prices must be transparent immediately.


                                            With the SOMA® PURC solution of untersee you can monitor your orders, framework contracts and purchasing info records at a glance. Order confirmations from suppliers can be bundled, or plan delivery times can be automatically maintained. Historical information about the vendor evaluation are available directly in the system.

                                              Potentials and benefits

                                              • Reduction in manual master data maintenance
                                              • Better overview of orders and framework agreements
                                              • Time savings through simplified recording of order confirmations
                                              • Integrated historisation of vendor evaluations

                                              //SOMA® SERV – Service

                                              For your requirements of service activities

                                              The integration of service activities into the product life presupposes the clean transfer of parts lists from the product development into the service structures. This transfer is not always easy, since the production BOMs are rarely suitable for service applications.

                                              Through the precise knowledge of the location of the plant and the installed base, the service potential can be better exploited, for example when preventive maintenance and information on wear parts can be offered actively.

                                              The solution SOMA® SERV of untersee provides software packages for the efficient transfer and the subsequent service process such as equipment replacement, modification and dismantling.

                                                Potentials and benefits

                                                • Automatic creation of "functional locations" and functional-location- and equipment structure from the customer order
                                                • Selection and connection of "functional locations" for the customer order BOM
                                                • Automatic or manual assignment of serial numbers
                                                • Definition of spare parts packages based on the parts list view
                                                • Creation of sales documents and orders on the basis of spare parts package positions
                                                • Simplified modification of plants by passing the "new" components into the new customer order BOM, and documentation of the changes

                                                //SOMA® SALE – Sales and Marketing

                                                For your requirements in the marketing processes

                                                In SAP®, the distribution modules control the value chains from order to delivery. This integrative approach is implemented in all untersee process templates for all types of manufacturing.

                                                The process chains are supported by a wealth of complementary SOMA® SALE program solutions: From the offer versioning with consequential offers separated from parallel offers, to the determination of weights and lead times and the BOM structures  up to the preference determination.

                                                  Potentials and benefits

                                                  • Fast and thorough information on materials used for scheduled production and distribution
                                                  • Simple and clear offer management
                                                  • Preference determination for single and variant manufacturers
                                                  • Determination and presentation of the delivery performance
                                                  • Prompt information on pricing and availability
                                                  • Comparison between production and selling costs for the evaluation of effects of price changes
                                                  • Determination of replenishment lead time for the entire BOM structure
                                                  • Presetting of SD fields

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